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Susan M Sparks, writer, author, writing coach, ASAP Writing ServicesHey, I’m so glad you found me –

So many internet coaches have slick and flashy websites loaded with promises: they’ll propel you instantly to the top! Sounds great, but I’m going to give it to you straight. It’s not always that easy. While I’ve written and published my own books, contributed to a best-selling compilation and ghostwritten over a dozen non-fiction books for other entrepreneurs, I’ve learned a lot. (i.e. Screwed up a few times)

“If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything positive. I’m positive that a doer makes mistakes.” John Wooden

That doesn’t mean I’m going to screw up your work! It means that I’ll give you the straight dish about what’s really involved in writing, publishing, and promoting your book. It also means that I can give you a down-to-earth perspective on the steps, costs, and detours that surprise aspiring authors while helping you through each one.

I love working with those of you who dream of inspiring others –through your motivational speaking, sharing your story of overcoming challenges or guiding others through transformations as life coaches, we all believe in the power our stories have to help others.

That’s why I will work tirelessly with you to spread your message, and it also means I understand how daunting it can be. I’ve been overwhelmed by all that “should” be done, I’ve had underwhelming results, and through it all, I’ve learned and streamlined the steps for you.

I’ve done all kinds of writing over my career: newspaper, radio, advertising copy, military, business and over the past ten years: writing for web content, direct response marketing and as an author and ghostwriter. I was also a news photographer and had two wedding and portrait photography businesses. Writing and photography was the right fit for me because I could always be behind the scenes – either photographing a wedding or writing someone else’s story. The most difficult writing for me was sharing my personal challenges and revelations. My own stories and photographs were too personal, too meager, too boring.

Susan M Sparks, writer, author, writing coach, ASAP Writing ServicesFinally I decided my story was just as important – and in striving to be more transparent –  I’ve learned that my experiences (both good and bad) should be shared to help others accelerate their goals and visions.

The best way to know how I can help you is to connect. I welcome the opportunity to talk with you. I will actually answer your email and schedule a free discovery session.

If you need the cut and dried version about me, it’s summarized below.

Susan M. Sparks is the author of The Student Life Jacket, The Easy-to-Use Guide and Organizer for Staying Afloat in a Sea of Paperwork for Young Working Adults and College Students, and Letters From a Healing Heart as well as contributing author to the Amazon Best-Seller Overcoming Mediocrity, Vol. III and the newly released collection, The Gift of Inspiration for Women.

She moved around the world as the wife of a navy officer to exotic locations, such as Sicily and Guam, and the not-so tropical Maryland and Illinois, observing, recording and reporting on the people and places. She adapted her talents to fit the location, working as a freelance writer, wedding photographer and Navy Public Affairs contractor punctuated by motherhood and a smattering of curious and quirky gigs in between.

Back home again in Indiana, Susan loves to work with aspiring authors, through her company, ASAP Writing Services.


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