Celebrating Father’s Day


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This week we begin preparations to celebrate Father’s Day. In the United States, we celebrate Father’s Day every year on the third Sunday in June. It is a day to thank fathers, step-fathers, fathers-in-law, grandfathers, great-grandfathers and father-like figures for the impact they have had on our lives. Many celebrate by going out to eat, having a cookout, buying gifts or by simply making a phone call to say, “thank you.” How do you celebrate Father’s Day?

As a child, my father worked a lot in order for my mom to be a stay at home mother. After retiring from the Army, he worked at the Marion County Sheriff’s office. He also worked various security jobs including standing at the bank every Friday night and bartending on the weekends. I honestly do not know if I’ve ever met a harder working man. When I hear someone complain about having to work 5 hours of overtime during a week, I often wonder just how many hours a week my dad really did work? We didn’t see him much although we did sit down to dinner as a family during the week. After dinner, it was common for him to leave for a security job. He didn’t sleep much, and I do realize now that my mom enrolled us in a bowling league on Saturday mornings and afterward took me to tap and ballet lessons to allow him to sleep in after bartending until 3 am. He always went to church with us on Sunday mornings. We always thought he was grumpy and stern.  Perhaps, he was simply really tired.

“A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.” Unknown

Times were much simpler when I was growing up. My mom would have us sit at the dining room table (we had an open concept dining room/kitchen), and while we drew our Father’s Day cards, she would make a special dinner complete with a delicious dessert. I don’t remember buying him gifts until we were older, but he didn’t seem to mind. Once I was married and had children, we would celebrate Father’s Day by having my parents over for a cookout. My sons would enjoy giving their daddy and grandpa the homemade cards and gifts they had carefully chosen at the store.

My dad passed away in January 2003 and Father’s Day hasn’t really been the same since. Several times a year I place flowers on his grave and spend a few minutes reflecting on the impact he had on my life. He taught us about working hard and the value of a dollar. He showed us the importance of honesty and keeping our word. Even though he never told us that he loved us, he showed his love for us every day by working hard to provide for all of our needs.

“My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.” Clarence Budington Kelland

What are your plans for Father’s Day? Is it a day to celebrate with a family cookout? Do you live far away from your dad and simply plan to call him? When was the last time you actually thanked your father? We get so busy in our daily lives that we forget to pause and simply celebrate those who are important to us.

If your father is still living, make it a point this week to spend some time with him, either in person, on Facetime or on the telephone. Let him know just how important he is to you. It will bring a smile to his face and yours.

“Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes.” Gloria Naylor

Have a fabulous week!


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