Spring Is In The Air

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As we “sprung forward” with our clocks this weekend, one thing became abundantly clear – SPRING IS ALMOST HERE!!  Spring is one of my favorite seasons!  It is a rebirth of nature. The yards and flowers will soon awaken from their winter slumber as the temperatures begin to rise.  Farmers will soon be in their fields and as they begin to plant their seasonal crops, the smell of freshly turned soil will fill the air. The sound of lawn mowers will soon be heard and I think there is nothing like the smell of freshly cut grass!!   Children will begin to spend more time outside – riding bikes, playing sports, and their laughter will replace the silence of winter.  The trees will soon start budding, and the birds will begin building their nests in places my husband complains about – like right outside of our bedroom window, and their song will become our new alarm clock!  I truly believe that the beauty of spring is God’s way of rewarding us for enduring the months of winter!  I can hardly wait to be able to open up the windows to let the fresh air inside!

It is almost time for spring cleaning!  I get a great sense of satisfaction as I spring clean my house. I move the furniture around to vacuum underneath much more often than my husband thinks is necessary! Cleaning windows, putting away the winter clothes and bringing out the summer clothes, and cleaning off the front and back porch are just a few of the tasks on the spring cleaning list.

“I believe in the process. I believe in four seasons. I believe that winter’s tough, but spring’s coming. I believe that there’s a growing season. And I think that you realize that in life, you grow. You get better.” —Steve Southerland

As a business owner, it is also a great time to “spring clean” our business.  It begins by taking a look at our new year’s resolutions and figuring out if we are on track with our goals for the year.  Have we made as many calls as we’d planned?  Did we ever start our monthly newsletter?  What type of spring promotions have we planned?  It’s a great time to “jump start” things again.  I will be the first one to admit that I would much rather make calls to clients in temperatures of 50+ degrees, than -20 degrees!  When was the last time you stopped by a clients office to say “hi”?

I am in a couple of networking groups and I’m always anxious to hear what other business owners do to “jump start” their businesses each spring. I’m not saying that we don’t work 12 months a year, but spring is a great time to implement something new.  The sun will soon begin to set later in the evening, giving us a little extra time each day to accomplish things important in our lives.

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.”  Lady Bird Johnson

My challenge to you this week is two fold –

1. Take a look inside your heart.  Is there something that you’ve wanted to start but haven’t quite taken the time to do?  Maybe it’s walking or exercising or trying out yoga or Zumba. Maybe it’s volunteering at a local shelter, boys or girls club, or visiting relatives you don’t see very often.  Write down 5 things you’d like to do that you’ve not taken the time to accomplish.  It may be something as simple as reading a book that’s been sitting on your bookcase. Make a promise to complete those tasks.  Set a deadline.

2.  Take a look at your business and the goals that you set at the beginning of the year.  Are you on track?  If so, pat yourself on the back!!! If you haven’t quite kept with your resolutions, don’t give up. Simply make the decision to start over.  It’s just the beginning of March.  You have over 9 months left in this year to do great things.  The most important thing is, like the Nike ad reminds us, to “Just Do It!”

As we begin springtime in Indiana, I think we can be grateful for the mild winter. We had the cold temperatures, but we really had minimal snow, and for that I am grateful.  I can hardly wait to spend time in my yard, digging the ground, planting flowers and a few vegetables, and feeling the warmth of the sun on my face!  I truly feel blessed to live in a part of the country that experiences the four seasons. Each season has its own beauty and purpose if we just slow down and take the time to enjoy it.

Have a great week!


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