The Importance of Perfecting Your Brand


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It seems like I am asked on a weekly basis, “what is branding?” For nearly six years, I have worked with companies to help them develop their branding. I have provided a myriad of products, from apparel to writing instruments. I have helped them create branding that will make them stand out from their competition.  But, branding goes way beyond a logo and promotional products. All aspects of your company should be included in your branding. Your logo, your website, and all of your social media outlets should share the same message. Branding also includes the way you answer your telephone and the way your staff treats your customers. Branding includes everything you do, everything you say, and everything you give away.

“When you brand yourself properly, the competition becomes irrelevant.” Walt Disney

When you think of Nike, I’m sure you can picture their logo. The same is probably true for most companies I name, Facebook, Google, Pepsi, Colts, Pacers, and McDonalds.  Their marketing departments have done a great job. Every piece of promotional material and every article on social media shares their message, their logo, and their “brand.”

Set Yourself Apart from Your Competition

It is so important to create a brand that will make your clients think of you before your competition. It is important to have educated your customers to everything you can do for them. It is important to teach your clients why they should call you before they call anyone else. Be dependable, be available and meet their deadlines.

Promote Name Recognition

You have heard it over and over again, “people do business with companies they know, like and trust.” Create a consistent branding that makes you easy to recognize and remember. Create a brand that will automatically bring your name to mind when your services are needed.

“Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.” Walter Landor

Make your Brand “Family-Friendly.”

Keep your branding clean and concise. Make sure your messages on social media are on point. Share your company beliefs, educate your clients on what you can do for them, and keep your personal “stuff” off of your social media feeds. When a customer hears your name, only positive thoughts and feelings should come to mind.

Your Staff Should Project Your Company Image

It is important that your employees mirror your image. From answering the phone to follow up, everything that is said, written and promised should show your brand. Your clients should be confident that your staff will make working with you a positive experience. The staff should be provided with a script to use on the phone so that their message to your client is the same. Projecting a professional image will show your customers that their business is important to you.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Happy clients are more likely to refer you than one who has not had a good experience with your company. Treat each customer as if they were your only client.  Write a thank you note immediately after services are rendered. Create an experience with your customer that is memorable.

My challenge to you this week is the following:

Take some time to look at the branding of your company. Make sure that your message is the same in all aspects of your marketing, from your social media and website to your printed materials and your promotional giveaways. Walking the talk is important. Make sure you represent your company in a positive light. Dress professionally. Speak intelligently. Make sure your business represents you and your promise to your clients.

It is important that your branding is clear, concise and reliable. It should be something you and your staff can commit to and continue to build.

And finally,

“Be so good that they can’t ignore you!”  Steve Martin


Have a blessed week!

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