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    Are you on GoodReads? I find I’m more intentional about my reading when I keep track – anyone else? Goodreads-Logo-

    Are you on GoodReads? I find I’m more intentional about my reading when I keep track – a
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    • I’m not on Good Reads, but I do keep track of all the books I read on a yearly calendar. I have for several years and, like you, I find myself being more selective in what I’m reading. I typically have a scheduled mix of fiction/non-fiction & then break it down by genre. (Yes, I’m a tad obsessive/compulsive. LOL)

      • I mix it up too – and usually have more than one book in progress. One for fun and one for learning.

        • That’s a great idea! I have a hard time reading more than 1 book at a time though. What are you reading now?

          • Working through “Business Boutique” by Christy Wright – (via Dave Ramsey), just finished “Junk Gypsy” by Amie & Jolie Sikes, which makes me want to stop working and just go to flea markets 😉 and bits of “There Are No Problem Horses, Only Problem Riders” by Mary Twelveponies, which has a lot of philosophies that apply to people, whether on a horse or not.

            • Wow! I haven’t heard of those. Right now, I’m working on a ‘fun read’: All Dogs Go to Kevin. It’s a memoir from a veterinarian.

    • I am on Good Reads, but don’t go there nearly as often as I should. I also am remiss in reading actual books, choosing to do most of my reading online. However, the last book I read was “The Shack Revisited”. It’s awesome. Next on my list is “The Divine Dance” by Father Richard Rohr. Reading spiritual matter of late!

      • Ooohhh! That’s on my list! Loved The Shack!

        • I didn’t read the book, but saw the movie 2 times and it’s amazing. I had a lot of controversy about the book and film in my FB stream, so I read The Shack Revisited which is a wonderful exposition of the original book.