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    @jsakowski I realize that it is 3:30 in the morning, but I cannot sleep. I have had an issue adding photos to my blog this week. I have never had a problem in the past. Any ideas of what is going on?

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    Seems we're speaking a great deal about "blogging" these days. With that in mind, I'm adding this article with a great title and some good suggestions for our consideration!

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    I was able to catch up with the latest coaching call. A couple thoughts came to mind: 1. I see this site as an ideal building block for women starting their businesses, a microsite gives them exposure without the cost of building their own website. Can we reach out through women's groups or entrepreneur meet-ups/sites? 2. I know the Facebook page was taken down in order to drive traffic here- would it be beneficial to have a Boutique Facebook page that is open and then direct women here? We could add more posts or graphics that directs them here as that safe place. OR- rename Boutique Buzz to reflect the safe, intimate discussion area? Call it Your Safe Place or something along those lines?

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    posted a photo

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