It’s not just what we do, it’s why we do it


Why do we do it? Because, as a women of faith, we deserve to fulfill our God-given destiny to become all we are designed to be – regardless of our culture, ethnicity, age, socioeconomics, our faith – especially our faith; or any other group-specific factor. However, even in the United States, there are stereotypes and prejudices which can hold us back.

We created Affiliated Women International as a way to change this.

Come Make Your Home With Us!

Facebook is good. Twitter & Instagram too. But when it comes to real online relationships; nothing beats a warm, safe place to be with those who think like we do and want the same things we do!

Our success as Christian business women depends on strong relationships with others who share our faith, our values, and a similar mind-set. Outside of the church community, there are not a lot of places to band together, where we can share, learn, grow and prosper as we long to do.

But there is such an online place!

Here at the AWI Neighborhood, we connect and engage with other women who honor and help each other achieve our individual goals.

  • We provide educational opportunities through the AWI University. We find the best the business world has to offer via the web; add it to the University and share it exclusively with our members! We add webinars, podcasts and more – saving YOU time and effort!
  • We provide the tools our members use to share their knowledge, wisdom and expertise; gain a following and market/sell their products or services to each other!
  • Our members have exclusive access to a dynamic networking model designed especially for business women of faith Christian business women. COFFEE in the NEIGHBORHOOD strengthens you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and professionally. Whether you are part of CitN online using one of our AWI tools – or live where a COFFEE group is in your backyard; this opportunity alone is worth your membership!
  • And of course, there is THE NEIGHBORHOOD, a warm welcoming community of Christian women of faith eager to network with you. Eager to get to know you and discover how to be mutually helpful to each other as friends, business-builders and faithful women growing spiritually and professionally!

We Give Back

As an organization, we give a minimum of 10% of our gross revenue to respected and well-vetted national and international charities that support women and their families.  As our community grows, we’ll support even more charities that make it possible for women around the world to fulfill their richly deserved destiny!

If you have a charity you’d like us to consider for support, please contact us and write “Charity” in the subject line.

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