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A worldwide community, connecting women in business across the globe.
A letter from our CEO…

Lindapix_headshotHi! I’m Linda S. Fitzgerald, CEO and Visionary Partner at AWI and Neighborhood Boutiques. When I began my small business; I struggled with managing home and business life. I looked for an easier way to network and prospect across the world to achieve the success I wanted. I longed to get recognized in a very crowded online world where social media was the rage. And I definitely wanted to make money doing what I love.

But it seemed out of reach . . .

We’re a lot alike! You own or partner in a small business. You’re busy managing a home, office, a world of people and ideas. Busy networking and prospecting; marketing and sales – and of course, customer service.  You too want to get recognized in a busy online world, where social media is still king. And you want to make money doing what you love! 

Let’s face it; all of us in business around the globe have the same challenges!

What I need to make doing business easier and efficient, is what other women in business need too.

That’s why we developed Neighborhood Boutiques!

What's included in your membership.

AWI University

An online resource center offering extensive opportunities to share your expertise and learn from other phenomenal women.  Covering topics about life, business, spiritual growth, and everything else in between!
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Affiliated Women International (AWI) empowers women by being a resource:

  • To motivate, inspire, educate, inform and equip them in all aspects of life!
  • To share the knowledge and experience of women with a similar vision & mission
  • To provide opportunities such as NEIGHBORHOOD BOUTIQUESto build strong communities of like-minded women willing and eager to support each other while fulfilling their own life purpose.


A robust, online business community designed especially for women who own micro- and small businesses.  Build your own microsite, connect and engage with other women, and get recognized in a busy online world.
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  • Build your own small website, called a “BOUTIQUE” site. We host, support and promote it for you! (Perfect for women who don’t have a website as well as those who do).
  • Your Boutique is ready ‘out of the box’.  No coding required.
  • Let us market you and what you bring to the world across most of the major social media platforms.
  • Gain referrals, new leads, wisdom, insight and knowledge by joining the Boutique Buzz (Neighborhood Activity).
  • Gain greater exposure for yourself and what you do (We do that for you too)!
  • Share, promote and market your expertise – every woman is an expert at much more than she realizes!
  • Learn from other women in the community to grow personally, professionally & spiritually.
  • Develop relationships with women business owners you would otherwise never met.


Small, intimate monthly gatherings consisting of powerful programs for personal, professional, and spiritual growth.  Meet and develop relationships face-to-face with other women business owners in the neighborhoods where you live and work.
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It’s true, online will never fully replace face to face. We can get to know women around the world we would never otherwise meet and that’s an online advantage.

But there’s still something special about sitting across the table from someone who will become a friend. A friend who once they know us well will refer business to us. And we’ll do the same for them.

COFFEE groups are small, intimate monthly gatherings. They consist of powerful programs for personal, professional and spiritual growth.

COFFEE includes our unique form of relationship-building called “ConnectWorking”©. ConnectWorking© is designed to form strong bonds among those who attend on a regular basis. Strong bonds based on knowing, liking and trusting each other.

We know that’s how business happens – both online and face-to-face.

COFFEE in the NEIGHBORHOOD is open to all women in business, especially Christian women in business. And COFFEE in the NEIGHBORHOOD is included in your AWI membership!

Want to be part of our COFFEE in the NEIGHBORHOOD development team? CONTACT us to learn how you can launch a COFFEE group in your home area

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*Boutique package is ideal for a women in business needing a website!
**Domain mapping available

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with my boutique site?
Great question!  Go here:  to view the breakdown of our current enrollment packages.
What if I need help setting up my boutique site?
We offer an extensive Support area you will have access to 24/7.  If you still need help contact us via Support page.
Can I cancel my subscription any time?
Yes!  Of course, we would hate to see you go, but all of our packages can be canceled at any time.
I already have a website, which option should I choose?

Great question!  If you want to join our community and have your own website then we encourage you to enroll into our “Community” package.

If you need a place to blog and your current site doesn’t offer that, then our “Mini Boutique” is just what you need!

Help! I need a website for my business!
No problem!  Invest in the “Boutique Site” package.  It will provide you with all the tools to grow your online presence.  We even offer domain mapping (for a small fee) so your site’s url address will be YOUR business!  Once you enroll, shoot us a message on the Contact page to find out more!

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