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Early One Morning. . .

It was early a.m. on Saturday, May 2, 1981 when I uttered those words in prayer. Little did I know how dramatically the question – and subsequent answer, would change my life – forever.

I need not go into great detail, but I awoke that morning with what us believers refer to as a ‘troubled spirit’. Supposed to pick up some young women from a house run by a small non-profit; I was at loose ends when I arrived and found the lights out and no one awake. It was barely past 6:00 a.m. and I wasn’t tired enough to go back to bed. I was irritated with the sudden change of schedule and agitated with the “now what do I do” thoughts in my brain.

Upon my return home, I sat down at the kitchen table and tried to rid my mind of strange thoughts and body of strange sensations which I was quite unfamiliar with. What in the world was wrong with me, I thought!  So in desperation, I turned to prayer.

“Lord, am I a phony?” Instantaneously, an inner Voice spoke in rapid fire order, “Yes, you are; No you’re not!”

Those words, and what transpired over the next hour or so, turned a women who had always believed into a believer. I came to prayer that morning with a head knowledge of Jesus as Savior and came away with a heart full of the experience of Him as Savior – and Lord!

It was what we call a “transformative life moment!” And it started a journey that led through both wilderness and oasis, over and again, as I learned and grew-grew and learned!

But That’s Not the Point!

However, my experience of May 2, 1981 is not the point of this post. It is simply the vehicle that allows me to share what I think is the most important ingredient a Christian business woman has in her arsenal of tools and techniques.

And that is called “Genuineness!”

What was troubling my spirit that morning was a subtle reality that I was something on the outside that might not be the true me on the inside. Although over the years I’ve come to realize (and recognize) that the words of my prayer didn’t come from me; I also realize that it was important to me personally, that I not lack a faith which would be recognized by others as “genuine”.

In other words, I had to be true to Him, as well as to me!

What’s It Have to do with Business?

As women who love the Lord and want our businesses to reflect that fact; it has everything to do with business. Because we know business success – however, we define success, is based on relationships of mutual trust, respect and authentic attraction for each other; being genuine is the seedbed out of which the above qualities flow.

Believe me, if we lack any aspect of genuineness; it won’t take long for others to find out!

“Fake It Until You Make It!”

For any of us who are familiar with direct sales (network marketing); you recognize this phrase. “Fake it until you make it” is the admonition to put on a false front long enough for the fake to permeate us and become a real deal!

Problem is, that’s not how the ‘real deal’ is made. The ‘real deal’ or genuine article comes from the inside out – not the other way around. I can pretend I’m confident, self-assured and all the other rotty-rot of faking it; but the only person I will fool is myself. It may take others a bit to see through my deception; but see through it they will.

And when they do; all bets are off!

I Just Want Business Tips. . .

. . .and tools that will help me achieve the success desired!

I hear this a lot. I also hear comments that are more question than statement, asking why focusing on developing our spiritual muscles is the critically important tool Christian women in business need to tackle first.

If we are not women of faith in the Lord Jesus, then it’s of little matter. We can wear deception like a crown of glory while stepping on each other to get what we want without a moments troubled spirit. But those of us who want our business to reflect our faith and give honor and glory where it’s so richly deserved will want to rest our success on the Rock that is significantly higher than I!

So What Then?

Over the next several Friday’s, I’m going to share why it’s important for women of the Christian faith to exercise in the spirit and grow in grace, wisdom and understanding as the soil of business success. Indeed, soil of any success we hope to achieve in life.

So if you are looking for a “quick fix”; this is not the place you want to be.

But if you want to attract an audience of folks who share the same spiritual hunger, faith and desire for a future that includes becoming all He intends you to be; then you’ll want to hang out here for quite some time. And you’ll want to seek a personal understanding of spiritual genuineness as we travel the journey together!

Ultimately, the choice is yours!



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