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Just Who Is Barb Sibbing?

 Barb SibbingHey there, Barb Sibbing here. That’s me at my son’s wedding (with blond hair) that was a wonderful exciting day for everyone! I’m so proud of my son and daughter-in-law!

I “dabbled” in one home business after another after another and went back and forth between businesses. I lost track of how many I tried, I never really aspired to my fullest potential.

The reason I never aspired to my fullest potential is I lived with many years of abuse, verbal, emotional, mental, psychological and kept from having friends.

I am a native of Indianapolis, Indiana, and I’m a survivor of a 20+ year abusive marriage, I homed schooled my son, and I own my own Marketing Agency and I’m also a Network Marketing Coach, Direct Sales Coach and a MLM Trainer Online offering proven techniques and strategies to help grow a successful online business.


Now let’s forward to 2010……

I have been growing a successful business since 2007 on the Internet when I decided to learn this “tool” more effectively for finding people interested in a building an online business. The internet is the most amazing way to continue growing a business and I truly have a passion for helping others to achieve this same goal.

Now I’ve learned a lot along my journey about Direct Sales and Online Marketing and my goal is to assist others along their journey not to make the same mistakes I’ve made all the while saving them grief and money along the way.

My passion is to empower and inspire people to find the best in themselves, to help them achieve their goals.

While I was building a successful business elsewhere, I was in a “catch-22.” Through the Internet, I began generating International leads. I was leaving money on the table (not a good thing to do).

And, I loved the concept of gratitude and appreciation as a solid business model – after all, sending out cards and gifts to show appreciation and love is timeless and in demand!

What truly interested me in sending out cards and building an Internet based a Greeting Card business in addition to other things I have done and am doing is:

Appeals to both men and women and all demographics of the population
• Operates in 7 countries with big international expansion plans
• Affordable monthly auto-ship – $31.00
• Offers a product that is in demand by business and consumers, so it’s more than a “pay plan”
• Highly Internet Based
• Exceptional Training and Systems already in place
• Huge growth potential
• Something other Networkers could add as a secondary, support program for their leads and customers.

This gives me the ability to work with and coach MANY others

I would love to be your success coach as well, on this team and journey. Complete the contact form request a Packet and DVD or call us, 317-250-3324 (call or text me) and let me walk you through our site and let you experience the product and its impact. Talking about it is one thing; experiencing it is another!

I get paid for being nice to people! How cool is that????

Now let’s fast forward to 2014……

2014 is a work in progress…so come back and check updates about what I have and am achieving in 2014. Big things coming!!! (That’s me with my grandson who just loves making faces.)

I’m taking my business to a whole new level (I’m going Global baby!!!) and I’m helping people of all walks of life to achieve their dreams and goals. I’m now able to fulfill one of my passions of giving to others in need, other people who have been or are in an abusive relationship.

How can I help you? How can I be the best resource for you?


“Be what you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind” – Dr. Seuss

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