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Contact Barb Sibbing - For the Love of WordPress Hi! Do you have a question or suggestion for an upcoming podcast or blog post?
I try to respond to every email but with my schedule, a thriving business and team in my primary company, and a VERY busy family, it’s not always possible.
FIRST, before you fill out the form, think about what you are looking for specifically because it might be better answered at the links below, which saves me from just emailing you back those links! Make sense?

If you have a specific question about Social Media and using it in your business, or network marketing – please post it to my Facebook Page (not as a private message) and I’ll answer it there.

Looking to work with me directly in my primary company, and get my coaching for free? Details are here!

If you have something that can’t be answered there, I will do my best. Just complete the form below. Please use the subject line so I know what it’s referencing.

Do not complete this form to tell me about an opportunity that I just have to take a look at. That is not what this form is for and that is considered SPAM.And, it won’t be read or considered. Thanks!

Hi! Do you have some questions or a comment? I would love to hear from you. Just complete the form below and I’ll be back in touch.

You can reach me in a way that best fits you…

Barb Sibbing
11512 High Timber Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46235

By Cell or Text:
317-250-3324 EST


If I miss you, I’ll call you back!


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