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Welcome and remember everyone starts out as a beginner.

Hi! I’m Barb Sibbing and thanks for stopping by and spending some time with me at my “online home!” My real home is in Indianapolis, Indiana.

You may be asking yourself…“Why should I listen to you,” you might be asking, and that’s a good question. I’m going to tell you why – because unlike some “MLM Gurus” who want to share their “secrets with you by constantly asking for your credit card.

In other words, I don’t make all my money selling “secrets” while pretending to build a Network Marketing business.

Are you here because you have justlaunched your career in Network Marketing or an online business, and you’re trying to get your business off the ground?

Have you totally exhausted your warm market and just can’t seem to make them “see” what you see?

You just don’t know where to turn to get things started?

Are you struggling with picking up that phone to make that first call? You probably feel rather tongue tied at what to say, how to say it and how to answer any questions. I know how you feel and others have felt the same way. I’ve been there in your shoes scared to call people. What if I messed up or said the wrong thing, don’t worry TRUST ME it becomes easier with practice!

Or, maybe you’re looking to getting started in a business that you can build from home that you build online, and you’re just exploring the possibilities right now.

Have you ever heard that there are people building amazing, lucrative business in Network Marketing and Direst Sales and online business from their home, using the Internet as a tool?

Are you struggling to get yourself out there…to stand out among everyone else on the Internet?

This website will be your starting point to putting the pieces of the puzzle together…to learn everything you ever wanted to know abpuzzle-piecesout WordPress, widgets, plugins, Network Marketing, Social Media, Video Marketing and Direct Sales and building an Online Business but were afraid to ask. You will learn how to

So don’t be afraid to ask questions you may have!

I was in your position a few years ago and know what it’s like to not know what to do (been there done that and got the t-shirt too.) I struggled for a long time with how to be found on the Internet, how to build my Network Marketing business, how to build my Global Online Business.

So much to learn about Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Social Media, Video Marketing, building an online business and creating a personal website. Where do I begin? My head is spinning…..

You may be asking:

Is it possible to build a successful Network marketing business online and offline? (I’m here to tell you YES, I’m doing it)

How do I know which company, product or service to represent? How do I decide on which sponsor to choose? (Now an important decision! You need to make it a business decision)

Can I really work my business from home (or anywhere); learn some tools effectively for notifying others about my new business; and learn some effective online methods for finding very highly targeted leads? (Yes, I’ll show you how)

How do I get a steady stream of “potential” business partners to evaluate my business? (That is the power of what I teach people)

How do I create a personal website? do I even need a personal website? (This is how you brand yourself and stand out among your competitors)

That’s why I decided to start this website, for YOU! I want to help you in learning, your struggles, your questions and launching yourself online in your Network Marketing, Direct Sales business or in your online business. I want to help you not make my mistakes.

Imagine building an internet empire or downline of thousands, all from the comfort of your home or on the beach!

Do you get real excited by the concept of Network Marketing and the pay structure? But you need a solid plan for how to get it launched? How to talk with people? What are some of the realistic expectations? How to combine the best of offline and online methods for generating leads?

How would you like to have more business leads than you can handle (I know I do)?

All hot prospects, coming directly to you, wanting to know more about your online Network Marketing business and joining you as a partner?

You’re busy already, without a whole lot of time, but you may have realized that your employer or your traditional business actually controls the quality of your life.  Enough of your time is already spent away from home.

 If you have any questions please let me know, you can contact me. Contact Barb

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