B.O.L.D. Confidence…Building the Dream…Bigger!

When I began this series several Friday ago now,  my intention was to expose those areas in our lives that keep us from having the kind of confidence that will propel us to great heights of success.  That goal has not changed…in fact, I am more committed than ever to help those reading this series realize your full potential.Dream Bigger!

As women, first, and those building a micro-business, we are constantly bombarded with the importance of looking our best, a professional appearance… I’m actually one of those on that bandwagon!

Remember…you never have a second chance to make a first impression…so make it a good one!

Perhaps that mindset came from the fact that I was born to a cosmetologist and, for all intents and purposes, raised by my grandmother in her beauty shop.  My mother was the consummate professional in her career.  She translated that into assuring that every one of her “patrons” as they were referred to back in the ‘50s & ‘60s… now known as “clients”…walked out of her establishment looking their very best.   She would not settle for anything  less.

It’s no wonder that I’ve had my struggles with perfectionism and performance!

With that said, I believe there’s a very fine line between excellence and perfectionism.  I wouldn’t have considered my mother’s tendencies to be perfectionistic but I can say without a doubt that she was a woman who exuded excellence in all areas of her life.

What made Marjorie the Cosmetologist so endearing was her genuine love for people and true servanthood mentality.  When you find someone like her who can be part of your “image team” you’ve found a real gem.

Let’s “fast forward” to the early ‘90s.  I had started a secretarial service out of my home in 1976 after my second child was born, hoping to be able to work from home and take care of my children at the same time.  The business became so successful that a couple of years later we needed to move beyond home.  I ran that business…and it ran me!   Eventually, I made the decision to sell it and look for something that could give me more time freedom as I was now mom to four children and working outside the home.

never ever give up on your dreamI had a dream.  I thought about the experiences of my past and how my mother had taught me to “put my best face forward” every day.   You may recall the trend in the late ‘80s when you could get a personal color analysis or “get your colors done”.   The consultant would identify your skin tone…you had either warm or cool undertones.  Some skin care companies even broke it down into Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall!

Just to let you know…I’m a certified WINTER!

Did you ever experience that in your past life?  Perhaps you still have those little color swatches tucked away in your dresser drawer.

Back to my dream.  I decided that I had the drive, determination and personality skill sets to start a bonafide Image Consulting business.  What I felt I needed was more training and eventual certifications.   Reality began to sink in…not lack of confidence in my ability to do it…but the financial resources.   With that in mind, I opted to first get my feet wet, so to speak, by taking a position with Estee Lauder at L.S. Ayres in Fort Wayne.  It gave me some practical experience in the industry, to a point at least, and made me even more driven to start my own business as I realized I was not cut out to work retail.

While I was working at Ayres, and in preparation for my future pursuits, I even took on an exclusive clothing line that was sold through “trunk showings”.  Unfortunately, that didn’t prove fruitful as the clothing was overpriced for the market.  Fortunately, I had not made a big monetary investment!

Working at the department store and the cosmetics counter, I was often approached by women from direct-selling skin care companies desiring to recruit me.  Bless their sweet hearts…I just wasn’t interested in direct sales…I wanted to be a professional  IMAGE consultant…that was my goal…and I was stickin’ to it!

My dream changed.  In mid-1991 I began to experience some rather serious physical problems.  With the fact that my mother had had colon cancer and then died of breast cancer in 1980, I knew that I had to get this dealt with swiftly.   I won’t go into all the details here but suffice it to say, I was able to get my health back on track… and my retail career came to an end.dream to destiny image

In February of 1992, my career path changed and I began my journey to becoming a women’s health advocate and healthy life coach.  I had found an affiliate company that resonated with my health and wellness pursuits…and I was on my new Wellness Journey!

The dream continues.  Today I am more committed than ever before to continue to be that servant leader and to help point women in the direction of their passion and life destiny.   As a WELL Woman myself, I know what it takes to do that…and that’s where MY confidence lies.

Let us join you in your pursuit of excellence…building B.O.L.D. Confidence…one day at a time!  NEIGHBORHOOD BOUTIQUES is the place to team up to do just that!

Dreaming BIGGER,


Jana B. Denninger, Neighborhood Development Partner
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Image Sources:  keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk, smashing.in@BuzzQuotes.com, theblessedlife.com

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