Becoming a Woman of Bold Confidence…Embarking!

Today begins a new BOLD series for building a life…both personally and professionally… based on a “healthy view of you”…from who you “think” you are to ultimately “knowing” the authentic YOU!Be bold & confident

It’s not just important but vital to living a life of healthy balance — but even more so if you’re committed to growing a highly successful business — that you learn to do it with BOLD confidence.  I’ve not yet completely “tweaked” the acronym for “bold” but have a general idea of the direction it’s to take and am confident it will come!

Why?  Because I see the future of this series and how it can be a resource for true transformation in the lives of women.  A BOLD statement, you say?  Indeed…for I know the Source from whence it has come!  And I’m a woman on a mission!!!

When I found the image displayed below I thought…YES..that “hits the nail right on the head”.   Having confidence in yourself…in your ability to succeed, and for me, encouraging other women to exude a life of excellence as a woman…in every way!

And I believe it IS something each of us create.  We don’t jump out of the womb, saying “Look at me, world…I’m God’s gift to you!”  (Let me “sidebar” for just a brief moment, however, and say that those of us who’ve experienced the special joys of motherhood, grandmotherhood …and for me, the “brandnewness” of GREAT-motherhood…that’s exactly the emotion that we feel at the time!)

Confidence image.8What I’m endeavoring to articulate is this…we all come into this world the same.  Yes, we have unique family situations, environmental peculiarities, and the list of differences are a mile long.   But we are the same and on equal footing when it comes to the process of learning who we really are (that is, if we truly desire to know)…the real person inside.  For some it may take a lifetime, but for most, especially those of us committed to personal and professional development, not so long!

The topic of developing BOLD Confidence has been high on my “priority list” since I broached the subject in a brief blog series last year…but now it’s time to take it to the next level!

In this series I’ll be sharing lots of “confidence-boosting” tips,  self-reflection exercises, along with great stories of others who have “risen above the fray” to conquer fear, insecurity, and every other negative thing that holds us back from living a bold, confident life!

It’s going to be an awesome journey…won’t you join me next Friday as we explore “Becoming a Woman of BOLD Confidence!”



Jana Denninger, Neighborhood Development Partner

Affiliated Women International

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