Does Your Business Need Revived or Resurrected? Perform CPR!!!

Before I “dive in” to my Friday post on NEIGHBORHOOD BOUTIQUES, I want to wish all of you reading this a safe and joyous Memorial Day weekend, remembering the reason we celebrate this holiday…for those that have given their ALL to assure that we live in a safe and secure nation…the greatest on earth… these United States of America!

When I was considering the topic for this week’s message, I remembered a post I had done last year on “CPR for Your Business” and decided to “resurrect” (please pardon the pun!)…some of what I shared back then.  It has such relevance, especially to those of us women who are “micro-business” owners…and a reminder that together we can succeed in breathing New Life into our businesses!

I hope no one reading this has actually had to ever experience giving or receiving CPR; but if you fall into that category, I would suspect that if you were the receiver that you’re forever grateful to the person who administered CPR to you at your point of need.  By the same token, if you were giving CPR to someone that both you and the recipient were equally grateful that you’d been trained to do so.CPR

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a lifesaving technique routinely used in emergencies, including heart attacks or near drownings when someone’s breathing or heartbeat has stopped.  The American Heart Association uses the acronym of C-A-B… circulation, airway and breathing… to help people remember the order to perform the steps of CPR.

Step One helps restore blood circulation with chest compressions; Step Two helps clear the airway; and Step Three involves breathing for the person.   Whether you’ve been trained to administer or you find yourself in a situation that’s life- threatening for another human being, it’s far better to do something than to do nothing at all, even if you’re fearful that your knowledge or abilities aren’t 100 percent complete.  It could very well be the difference between life and death!

Now I can imagine you might be thinking…why in the world is Jana giving us a (very) brief discourse on the importance of CPR!   I’m simply using it as an analogy of how you can bring your business TO life…or BACK to life…using CPR.  And I have my own acronym!   The first letter “C” is for Consistence…the second letter “P” is for Persistence and third letter is for “Resistance”.  There you have it…the formula to bring your business to…or back to life…CPR!

PersistenceLet’s begin with “consistence”.  The consistent person tends to be organized both mentally and physically.  Typically, they don’t allow “clutter” of any type into their lives…anything that could hinder them from getting done what needs to get done. They have a regular routine or regimen they follow.  Each of us have total and complete control about how consistent we are every day in our business building endeavors.  Will it make a vast difference in the “circulation” of your business…no doubt about it!

Next is “persistence”.   This personal trait can be a bit tricky when it comes to your business life, especially if you’re in sales.  The persistent salesperson could easily come across as “pushy” rather than persistent.  It’s critical that one use good judgment here.  However, being persistent is vital in order to “keep your eyes on the prize”.  Persistent business women have honed a skill that helps them reach their goals.  They “stick to the stuff” and get it done…refusing to allow negative influences to control their success.

Finally, let’s talk “resistance”.   But before I do, let me say that you and I have total and complete control over the “C” and the “P”…the “R” is another story!  One of the definitions of resistance is “an effort to stop or to fight against someone or something.”  You may be the most consistent and persistent business person on the planet and then BOOM!!!   Resistance rears its ugly head in the form of a serious auto accident that lands you or a spouse in the hospital…a drastic financial downturn that cripples your bank account…whatever the situation that arises…if it pulls you away from your goals, it’s resistance!

I’ve often made this statement…”Things can drive you…or destroy you…it’s all about how you respond.”   With the right attitude and resistance-band-exercisesdetermination, resistance can build your “business muscles” exactly the same way those stretchy resistance bands can build your physical muscles.  Uncontrollable setbacks will come.  I encourage you to “resist the resistance” and press on to the prize…it WILL be well worth performing CPR for your business!!!



Jana B. Denninger, Neighborhood Development Partner

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  1. Linda S. Fitzgerald

    Absolutely awesome article Jana. We all need CPR for business at various times in our business life. Especially when we are women in a micro-business! You’ve given great first steps to take to breath new life into what we are most passionate about. To keep partners, clients and prospects alive and well, as well as ourselves and our bottom line.



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