Gratitude & Thanksgiving – Another Day. . .

We ought never stop giving thanks and being grateful for all that comes to us in life. Some things are especially hard to be grateful for; but PAPA doesn’t demand gratitude for the circumstance but for His ultimate purpose in all things that come to us. But that’s not the point of the post.

Yesterday, Monday November 24, 2014 I listed important people for whom I’m thankful; beginning with PAPA’s out-of-this-world visitation in May, 1981. It changed my life forever and gave me a completely different perspective on life – and on Who He is!

Then there’s the love and companionship of children. My 3 daughters, 6 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren (with a 3rd on the way) bring joy and delight to life that would otherwise often be mundane and ordinary.

The grateful life is a life well lived

The grateful life is a life well lived

Friends – real friends. Those who love me when I’m at my worst. Who tell it like it is but stay the course. Those folks are real friends. Without them I would not remain honest and true to myself – and certainly not with them. 

Today I’m adding a few more items which make life worthy of daily gratitude and thanksgiving for small miracles. In the grand scheme of things – PAPA’s love; love of children, grandchildren et al and true friends are no “small miracle”. They are the substance of a well-lived life in which honesty, integrity and openness to each other is the hallmark!

1. Faith ~ I’m grateful for the faith given me by a loving PAPA who gave it all with the death of His Son. Yes, we all have a measure of human faith – but it is PAPA who gives the full measure. For that I’m eternally grateful.

2. A roof over my head – food on the table – a working vehicle and all the other pleasures of life that I too often take for granted. I commiserate with those whose roof is someone else’s – a shelter perhaps. Or a bench in the park or under a bridge. No one should have to go through life without a sense of permanency of which a roof over one’s head is a symbol. And food, drink are necessary to life. It ought never come at the cost of rummaging through trash bins outside an area restaurant. As for a working vehicle – such simply makes travel from point “A” to point “B” easier and without the strain of altered schedules. 

3. Money in the checking and savings account at the end of a pay period. One of the things I said when life was anything but generous with pay-for-work-done, was I longed for the day I didn’t have to check the bank balance moment to moment to see if I could write a check for overdue utilities. Having to do so adds stress to life and turns my focus from what I’m designed and destined to do. I’m grateful for not having to do the moment to moment check at this point in life.

4. A life purpose. I’m so thankful PAPA revealed the purpose for which He made me before I was born. Without same, I would be a listing ship bound in harbor with no set itinerary to own. Finding a purpose makes each day a new adventure eagerly awaiting the next ‘small miracle’ and ‘open door’ brought into view. 

Gratitude and thankfulness ought not be limited to one day a year. Or even a season of the year. Gratitude and thankfulness ought be a daily habit. A “thank you” upon awaking and an expression of gratitude before falling asleep. 

As we approach Thanksgiving Day, 2014; let’s agree together that we have more to be grateful for than we might imagine. And determine to let thanksgiving become a way of life!

Warm blessings,


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