Gratitude & Thanksgiving!

No long post today. A few simple words to express the sentiment of the season we call “Thanksgiving”. 

An attitude of gratitude

An attitude of gratitude

All too often I fail to recognize the multitude of blessings that are mine. Not that I forget, but that I take them for granted. Each day some small ‘miracle’ enters my life; I say “thank you Lord” and move on. As if small miracles don’t deserve more than that. 

But they do. Small miracles are what life is made of. Small blessings that make our lives bright with hope and anticipated expectation. 

So today and each day of this week, I’m going to share the blessings I own in life and express my gratitude for them all. I’m going to be thankful for what PAPA has given me that doesn’t get the due deserved!

1. A loving Heavenly PAPA who chose to bless me with His presence through Jesus the Lord. Without that magnificent visitation on May 2, 1981; I would not be the woman I am today. 

2. A loving family. Three beautiful intelligent caring daughters, six amazing grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren and another in utero. They are a blessing beyond description for which I’m indeed grateful.

3. Friend who loves me even when I’m at my most unlovable. Friend who has been part of my life for 30+ years. Friend who depends on me which in itself is an amazing blessing. I pray I continue to be what he needs as the years move by.

4. Friends who equally love me when I’m less than lovable. Friends who make life more vibrant and alive.

Today, Monday, November 24, 2014, I give thanks for the above. The list is in no way exhausted, but the days of the week beckon me to share just a few of the blessings as we progress towards Thanksgiving Day. 

My prayer for each of you today is that you will join me in posting the ‘small miracles’ that occur in your lives each day and the blessings PAPA has brought to you over the years. 

That in itself is cause for celebration of the season in which the light of love shines on the human heart’s desire to express gratefulness for life and all that it brings. . . 



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