Happy Mother’s Day ~ Women’s Sunday Series

There’s no need to say much at all about mothers! After all, we are that group of women who labor for the love of an infant not yet born. Nothing spectacular about that – right?happy-mothers-day-black-white-flowers-3d5r

And then we are that group of women who take under our wing the children born of other moms – whether via remarriage or adoption. We love them and raise them as our own!

We kiss away every boo-boo and wipe all the tears. 

We are the women who smile confidently as we drop our child off for 1st day of school; only to cry openly when out of his or her sight. 

We are also the women who can’t sleep when the teenage child misses curfew. We tiptoe from the bed where husbands and fathers sleep soundly to keep watch until our young one tip toes through the door hoping Mom is not still awake.

We are women who try to approve of the chosen future mates of our beloved children; knowing that no one can quite measure up to our expectations. 

We watch as Dads or family representatives march her up the aisle – or he walks confidently to the altar beaming as his bride approaches looking as if she stepped out of a dream!

We rejoice with the birth of the first grandchild – and leap for joy with each one added to a growing family brood. 

And then the life saga repeats! Children born to those we bore. And again to those our children bore.

Life is amazing, is it not? 

No there’s not much to be said at all about mothers. Except that a mother’s love is exceptional. A love that hints at the love of the Divine.

So I close with this. . . Happy Momma’s Day to all!



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