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Another take from The GO-GIVER wisdom of friend Bob Burg and co-author, John  David Mann. Focus on other's wins from GO GIVERAgain I encourage you to read this tiny book full of more wisdom than one can find in thousands of pages from supposed other business guru’s!

“Forget the win-win. Focus on the other person’s win!” 

We live in a world in which we imagine that if we focus every transaction on mutual wins; we’ve done our part. In fact, we feel proud that we were willing to share the spoils with others – whether adversary or cohort. And of course, if we’ve set up a win-win with someone we consider an adversary; well we feel we have something about which to really shout!

But Bob and John David don’t perceive it that way. And neither do I. At least in theory I know that when we focus on the best for others; at some point the best will return to bless us. For sure, let me say that we must not approach a focus on another’s win in order to gain for ourselves thus impugning self with impure motives.

No, we must grow in grace, wisdom and stature so that when we focus on achieving a win for others; we do so because that’s the purity of our heart’s desire. It is that “purity” in our actions that brings about the blessing in our own lives at some point in the future.

When I saw this post by Kathy Tagenel in the Facebook Go-Giver Ambassadors group this morning, I thought about our organization – our vision, mission – focus. AWI, i.e. Affiliated Women International has always sought to be a source of “wins” for others. For the women we seek to serve. For women in businesses others call “teeny-weeny” or “hobbies”!

Women whose voice and presence are lost among the big and strong. To be a warm, welcoming safe ‘community’ of women who stoop to help others reach the summit of their desired success!

So today, let me raise the following questions:

  • Are you willing to join with other like-minded women in business – business of any size, to forge wins for the other women in your circles of influence?
  • Are you willing to strive for a purer motivation than required by the “win-win” scenario?

If so, then you are not only a Go-Giver at heart; but a woman after the heart of AWI and the women we serve as well.

Congratulations and welcome to a club of gracious women the likes of whom are rarely found; but who make a grand difference in the lives of all they encounter and engage with.

Be it business or the business of life!



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Image Source: The Go-Giver at Facebook Go-Giver Ambassador group.

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