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What is there about Monday’s that make them either an “eager to get rolling again” – or “eh gads, it’s get moving day and I just don’t want to?” Comfort or chaos!

Lately I’ve found Monday’s to be a mix of comfort, chaos and something in between. Mainly because I turn my focus away on the weekend from business and all that entails. Suddenly a new week begins and it’s back to business-as-usual. That turn of focus is difficult for me. 

Perhaps it’s simply my ‘vintage age’. I look out at the world and realize that most women of my generation have retired to leisurely pursuits or are pursuing  what was once a hobby for which they now have all the time in the world. Perhaps I’m simply a bit green around the edges with envy. 

Find your own rhythm. Dance to the beat of your own drum. Look forward, not back.

Find your own rhythm. Dance to the beat of your own drum. Look forward, not back.

Yet I choose to pursue that which I know is my destiny. A destiny discovered late in life which permits me to connect with women around the world who long to find their destiny. A destiny for which they would give up everything else to pursue. Even on Monday!

The truth is it’s never too late to pursue that for which we have been called. It’s never too late to rise up, tackle another day and put our shoulders to the wheel. It may take all our energy and a difficult turn of attention; but ultimately such difficult choices pay off in the end. 

If you find Monday’s a bit of a struggle to get back in the groove; then you are not alone. If you are at the other end of the spectrum, chomping to be back at it – you are equally not alone. 

Here’s what occurs to me as I slowly drift back into the groove of another Monday’s call: 

1). Rhythm – we all have our own rhythm. Call it whatever you will, but each of us dances to the beat of our own drum. If the drum beat begins as a slow cadence – that’s okay.  And don’t ever let anyone sell you a different dance!

2). Time – time is an illusion. Yes it passes and we grow more vintage as it does; but that ought never stop us from pursuing the call on our lives. If it’s to spend days in leisure – so be it. If it’s to feverishly work until our last breath insuring we meet every destiny detail – that’s okay too!’

3). Regret – regrets that we didn’t start sooner only drag us down. Had we started sooner, we would not be as well-equipped as we are on Monday, November 10, 2014. Regrets are things to leave in the past while we rejoice that we have found the call on our lives. Regardless of the number of days, months and years that lay behind us!

4). Command – no one commands our lives but us (and PAPA when we are believers). There will always be those who think they own us and are the commander-in-chief of who we are. . . and what we do! Hogwash (so much BS). The truth will always be that we own who we are. And what we do. The manner and pace at which we choose to do so is up to us. And no one else!

Well now that I’ve spouted off a bit to begin the day; I feel energy rising. I feel freed from self-imposed demands and commands to get up and move. I feel liberated from those who insist that Monday’s must begin before dawn with a to-do list longer than Mr. Claus on Christmas Eve. 

And I feel a sense of urgency that can wait until Tuesday simply because that’s the way I choose it to be!

How about you?

Are you in charge of your life?

Your destiny? Your rhythm – time – regrets and commands? 

If not, you may want to take Monday to get back in the groove of who YOU are, what YOU do- and take charge of both!



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