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Comes Victory!

There can be no victory if first there was not a battle. A battle won.

We cannot know victory without first having tasted defeat!

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We cannot savor the full flavor of victory if we have never battled to achieve it.

All the above are fairly well-worn phrases we’ve heard over the years. We say them – we hear them – we drop them like gems of wisdom along the paths of others; as well as our own. But we rarely give deeper thought to the meaning of “out of the ashes comes the Phoenix”.

Why is that? Is it because we don’t want to remember that before rising to the mountain; there was war in the valley? Perhaps we don’t want others to know we were once on our last leg, for to do so would somehow lessen our positive impact – and image? For whatever reason, we cover our battle scars with lotion and salve and pretend they don’t exist.

The face we show to the world is one that has only tasted victory – over and over again.

The reality of life is that it is an ebb and flow between ups and downs, ins and outs, light and dark, good and evil – defeat and victory.

We cannot savor the full flavor of victory if we have never battled to achieve it. TWEET THIS

Have you met folks in life who seem shallow? Folks who seem to have substance and depth; but before long are found to have little of either – or both? I don’t mean to demean those who’ve never battled from a position of down and out, but facts are facts. The folks with battle scars who have no difficulty saying so are those who’ve gained wisdom and insight in the struggle to recover.

These are the folks who bring something of value to our lives. Something from their personal-professional foxholes that can help us when next the sword of battle is drawn.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about those who drop their drawers on a multitude of scabby sores that denote anything but major battle. Those folks are simply wallowing in their misfortunes because it has become a way of life. Such folks bring little to nothing of value which will help us win the next skirmish. In fact, they’ve never emerged from battle to declare “the foe is vanquished – victory is mine!” For true victory is the last thing they desire. . .

I’m reminded of something quite profound ~

1. GRATITUDE is the end result for the woman who has engaged the enemy and emerged victorious.

2. GRATITUDE will only emerge when we permit ourselves to recall the desperate days and recognize that the battle has been won.

3. GRATITUDE leads to a humility that permits us to openly own, honor and declare that “once I was naked and bare – now I’m clothed with garments of glorious victory!

It’s our honesty others want. They don’t want to see battle scars that have not healed. They want to know we once groveled in the dirt, if indeed we have done so. But most of all, they want to know how we managed to stand upright and fight our way out of defeat.

They want to know how we arrived at a deep sense of GRATITUDE for the war that brought about a glorious victorious end. They want to know how we fought for the brass ring; finally managed to grab it , and soar with it in our grasp!

Today, Thursday, November 13, 2014; don’t hide the scars of past defeats from those eager to learn if you’ve failed to finally succeed. And how you did so!

Share your own “war stories”. Be a source and resource for women searching to find light at the end of the tunnel. Women who have heard of the fabled Phoenix and wonder if she really rose from the ash heap of defeat.

If you are a Phoenix; don’t fail to hover over those who need your wisdom and insight. And certainly don’t hide the GRATITUDE felt for victorious endings.

For in your honesty and transparency is the source of another woman’s victorious escape from the jaws of defeat!



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