Women, Life & Business ~ What’s In A Word?

Two things prompted this introductory post for 2015: 1). A TED conference I watched on the power and the reality of WORDS, and 2). My Momma’s “Alphabet Soup”!Alphabet_soup

Words have meaning. As Scripture points out, words are living things. They have a life of their own and their meaning may be as individually unique to each of us as our life experiences dictate. The TED talk confirmed the same.

I was born between the end of the depression and the start of World War II. By the time I was old enough to have some understanding of what was going on in the world; hard times began to ease. But not to the point where expensive meal time dishes were the norm. Thus, Momma’s “Alphabet Soup”!

It was a special concoction that contained most of the week’s leftovers added to an inexpensive cut of meat that ended up being one of her tastiest meals. One that brings back the pleasant odors and fragrances of early childhood. It was designed to use up every morsel of veggies leftover as nothing could be wasted. She never apologized for the dish; nor did she need to!

As I reflected on what to focus on for 2015; the phrase “alphabet soup” came to mind. Not Momma’s famous dish, but dishing up words for each letter of the alphabet. Words meant to encourage, inspire, urge and prod us to achieve the success we desire.

Words that have a unique meaning held only by each of us individually. Words that remind us of life pleasantries – as well as life experiences that still hold us in their grip and seek to devour the growth and maturity we’ve struggled to achieve.

Because words are alive in us. They evoke – from deep within us. They can lift us up. Or they can drag us back and into experiences we’d rather not revisit. They truly are “alive”.

Today sets that stage! My intent is to inspire growth and development we never thought possible. Why? Because too often, we settle for less than what we’re capable of. We settle for 2nd best when the very best is just around the next corner. 

But to get there, we must go deep within and come to terms with what would hold us bound to the lesser life we say we want to overcome! Saying it is so many “words” –  until we take action. Action that cuts through the morass and settles the matter once and for all!

So the theme for many of my blog posts in 2015 will swirl around the pleasant smells of childhood – and my Momma’s alphabet soup. With each letter centering on words designed to help us grow as women. Especially as women in small business. Women who find the world of business less than friendly when all we want is a place at the table. 

The “table” is set. It’s set for each of us. So pull up a chair and get ready to take action that will bring you to a place of considerable success by December 31, 2015!



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