5 Steps to Generate Sales Ready Leads

business-idea-660085__180With most businesses your marketing  will generate leads for you to sales, so you can follow up and prospect the lead.  A percentage of these leads become opportunities and customers.  This process works well if you have leads, but what if you don’t have leads?

Are you facing a lead generation dry spell?  If so, the first step you want to do is find out where your ideal customers are so you can hang out and gather leads.  Most businesses become sponsors of special events or they set up vendor booths at trade shows/special events, so they can gather leads.  Because they know their ideal customers are at these events.   There are several other ways to generate leads which I discuss in my book, “How to Generate High-Quality Leads.”

The second step is to score your leads.  This is why it is great to have the analytics of your leads to review the data and to score your leads from a scale of 1 to 5.  The higher the score on the lead the better the lead will be.  Ask qualifying questions and use the answers to rate these leads.  The leads with the higher scores will ensure you that you are talking with potential buyers plus this will save you time, effort and aggravation!

Third step is to organize your leads into an organized funnel.  For example, were the leads from the website, special events, referrals, etc.  These leads should be set up in your CRM according to their category.  This way you can keep track of which category has a higher closing ratio.  This will enable you to work on the leads with a higher closing ration.  Another benefit is you can tailor your sales script to that specific category to have a more effective sales call.

An important fourth step is to follow up on the leads.  There are so many companies that lose track of leads because they are not in their CRM system to follow up on.  You are wasting money by not following up on your leads.  Make sure you mark in your CRM system when is the next time to call, email or visit on this lead.  As soon as you receive a lead you should be contacting them immediately!

Lastly the fifth step is to nurture your lead.  To me there is no such thing as a bad lead.  Sometimes people enter bad information or you can’t read their writing and those leads cannot be used.  If your lead is determined not to be a sales ready lead then it should be in a separate funnel so you can continue to educate them and keep them engaged till they are a sales ready lead.

Are you unsure who your ideal customers  are or where you should be marketing to your ideal customers?  If so my book, “How to Generate High-Quality Leads” is a must for you.  Please click here to learn more:

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