Another Facebook Post, Another Great Conference

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Two years ago, I wrote a blog entitled, “It Started with a Facebook Post.”  The blog went viral, and I heard from readers from all over the country. I spoke about an invitation from a friend on Facebook to a women’s conference in Ohio. I was so grateful for the invitation and have attended the conference every year since. This past Saturday was the third time I have attended this event. This year the title was, “Ladies Journey 2017: RESPECT!” Unlike the first year, when I tried to come up with a good excuse not to attend, I could hardly wait. My heart was blessed, and my soul was fed. I met women from all walks of life. For 7 hours, I focused on myself, the women around me, the speaker and her message, and the painter whose message touched my heart.

A lot of work and planning goes into this type of event. From finding someone to cook breakfast, lunch and desserts, the worship music, the decorations, the “get to know each other” game, the 21-page speaker outline printed for each attendee, and the door prizes, everything was perfect.

Conference day is an early day for me. I try to leave my house around 7:15 am so that I can get there before it begins at 9 am. Over the past three years, I’ve gotten to know several of the attendees, and it’s always fun to catch up on what’s happened in our lives during the past year.

We started the morning with the “get to know each other” game.  This year there were 25 questions, and you had to be bold and talk to everyone to find out who could answer each question for you. Questions spanned every topic, from “I have flown in a helicopter,” “I was born overseas,” and “I have hay fever,” to “I have 4 or more siblings.”  We had a lot of laughs and quickly learned a lot about each other including the fact that I could only find one woman who didn’t have a middle name.

The breakfast (biscuits and gravy, fresh fruit, biscuits and homemade jellies, coffee, milk, and juice) was delicious, and the worship music brought our hearts together and prepared us for a day of listening to our speaker.

I am overwhelmed when I am asked to speak for 20 minutes. I tip my hat to our guest speaker, April Cassidy, whose program lasted most of the day. She has written the book, “The Peaceful Wife – Living in Submission to Christ as Lord.” Her topic for the day was “The Peaceful Wife.”  Her program was divided into seven sessions, and she gave us time for questions at the end of each session. She even brought her husband up and allowed us to ask questions. As a wife and mom, I could relate as she spoke about love, respect, and disrespect in our marriages and families.

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After a lunch of homemade soups, bread, and a variety of salads, we were entertained by Maggie Reckers, the founder of Abandon with Art. She told us about sitting on a patio and having a hummingbird fly close to her face.  She went on to say that she sat completely still, and the hummingbird came back and got so close to her that she was afraid that the bird’s beak would pierce her eye. At that moment, she was able to look closely at the beauty of the hummingbird and suggested that we should “be still” and listen to God. She painted to music. The music touched my heart, and as you can see by the photos, the painting is incredible.

The highlight of the day is when I sat down with my husband Saturday evening and discussed the day with him. We discussed different types of respect and disrespect in marriages, the importance of communication and little ways to make small changes to make even a good marriage better.

My challenge to you this week is the following: Our days are so busy. Between our careers, our family, our home and all of our other responsibilities, many of us don’t take the take the time to refresh our souls. We wake up tired and go to bed exhausted day after day. I truly think this conference is priceless. I love investing in my business, my life, and my marriage. Next year, I hope to fill my car and bring a group of women with me. For the $25 registration fee, you will enjoy breakfast, lunch and cookies and brownies, a day of fellowship with other Christian women, a great speaker, music, and inspiration. And, you might even win a door prize! Consider joining me next February!

Have a great week!


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