Are You “TOO Busy?”

Do you ever look at your calendar and wonder how you are ever going to get everything accomplished? Do you find yourself running from meeting after meeting without any time to relax in between?  Can you remember your last “day off? I’m not talking about a day off of work, but a day off and unplugging from the world.

There is a difference between busy and “busy.” I have friends who are always so “busy.” You know the type. They work part-time, or perhaps don’t have a w2 job at all, attend a Bible study, their children are grown and living in other states. They have their house cleaned every Thursday, their groceries are delivered and their husband takes all of his work shirts to the dry cleaners. They eat out 5 out of every 7 nights because there is no time to “fix a meal” and if you asked them to volunteer or help with a project, they “simply cannot find the time.”

Then there are those who work full-time, volunteer a few hours every week for a local charity, are totally in charge of their households including cleaning, gardening, laundry and cooking every night of the week. They organize fundraisers for various organizations, have children in various clubs and sports, and take their mother to the doctors and to lunch on Tuesdays. When you ask them to volunteer or help with a project, without hesitation, they say, “I would love to. I will juggle a few things around. You can count on me.”

“Doing nothing is better than being busy doing nothing.” Lao Tzu

Do you need to slow down and stop overscheduling yourself? How can you find a balance in your life?

Prioritize What Makes You Happy

Are you participating in activities just to stay busy or is it something that you really love. If life is overwhelming you, schedule a few items that you enjoy and push aside the rest. You don’t need to be over-scheduling yourself with things that you don’t enjoy doing.

Learn To Say, “No”

It is important to learn how to say, “no.” While it may be flattering that you’ve been asked to chair a committee, if your schedule is already on overload, saying “yes” may simply be adding to your stress. Find a balance for the things you love and say “no” to the rest.

Learn to Enjoy Missing Out

Occasionally I will be invited to an event and I have to decline. I often find myself thinking about the event as it is happening. I no longer worry about what will happen if I don’t attend, I enjoy what I am doing instead of attending, even if it’s something as simple as a glass of wine and a bubble bath

What type of “busy” are you? I have always been one to stay busy.  When my children were small, there were days that I was going to bed 45 minutes before my alarm was set to ring.  I worked 45+ hours per week, had sons in every sport, took care of our home responsibilities, spent time with my parents, volunteered, baked, carpooled, was on various PTA boards, was a  room mother, and really did not know how to say “no.” Sometimes, when I think back to when my sons were younger, my memories are a blur. I remember going into work at 7 am after getting the boys up and ready for school, working all day, sliding into my seat just as my son was coming up to bat or walking out on the wrestling mat. Afterwards, we would drive home talking about the game, match or school, I would cook dinner while they sat at the table doing homework, we would do dishes, and it was time to get them ready for bed. I still had laundry, and housework to do before I could call it a day. In fact, I remember joking that I needed to get a “Super Woman” tattoo on my chest. What kept me going was knowing that I wasn’t the only parent feeling all the pressure. With my husband in retail sales most of his life and commuting back and forth to a 50-60 hour week including every weekend, my husband missed out on a lot of the day to day activities and had his own share a guilt.

As I worked on my October schedule this week, I was reminded of that crazy, busy, never-a-dull-moment time in my life. As of the 20th of September, I do not have a spare moment in October. These days, it’s not ball games, wrestling matches or activities with my sons that keep me busy. I own my own company, and in an attempt to step out of my comfort zone and do some public speaking (one of my 2017 goals), I have 3 public speaking events in October, a Business Marketing Workshop I am sponsoring, and the list goes on and on. I joked with my husband that after October 1st, I would see him in November. I am thankful for the opportunity to grow as a business owner and as a woman and for the chance to work on my public speaking skills.

Have a blessed week!



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