It’s Time to Start Thinking about Fall and Winter Promotions!

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As the summer days dwindle, I can’t help but wonder why it went by so quickly.  After last years winter, I looked forward to the warm and sunny days of summer.  Our temperatures in Indianapolis have been milder than usual and those with swimming pools have not gotten to use them very much, but for me, there is something about fall that I always long for.  I love the cooler nights, the sweatshirts, the bonfires and the high school football games.  I have a sense of peace when I drive down the road and the trees are turning from the green of summer to the vibrant colors of fall.  I was born in October and I believe God knew what he was doing when He brought me in during the fall season.

Fall is a great time to think about what type of promotions you have planned for the rest of the year.  Does your staff need jackets or sweatshirts with your logo on them?  Will they need long sleeved shirts to replace their summer short sleeved shirts?  Are you planning a fall party?  What types of promotions do you want to give away?  As the holidays approach, what type of “thank you” gifts have you planned?  It is better to think about these things now than to wait until it is too late to order them.

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