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I listened to a speaker earlier in the week say that if you customers do not know everything you offer, it’s because you haven’t done a good job teaching them your value. That statement is true in my case because twice in the last few months, I’ve been in front of a client and someone in their office has interrupted to ask if an item had been ordered and it’s something I could have done for them. The business went to someone else because I did not educate my client on all of my services.

When I sat and determined my 2017 goals, one of them included “educating my clients every opportunity I have.” Have you every realized that you were losing business because orders that you could have taken care of were given to someone else?   I took an hour or so and created a one-page information sheet entitled, “Did you know?”  I plan to give my information sheet to every client I meet with this year along with a brief explanation that in addition to promotional products, I can also help with print and banners, food products, name tags, lanyards, gift baskets, and office supplies, just to name a few.  I will also remind them that if they ever wonder if I can help then with a project, all they have to do is call me and ask. If I can’t handle it, I may know someone locally who can.

“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.” Farrah Gray

In keeping with the education theme this week, I‘d like to discuss the projected top 5 promotional products for 2017.

Apparel – The choices are endless. From polos, jackets, vests, tee shirts, blazers, skirts, and sweaters, I have partnered with suppliers who offer whatever look you are seeking.

Writing Instruments – Pens of all types including ballpoint, gel pens, highlighters and permanent markers are ordered by the thousands every year. A pen is an inexpensive item to give away at tradeshows and conventions. My husband and I were dining in Nashville, Tennessee one evening. When the server brought our check, the pen inside was one from my company in Indianapolis!

Food – You may not realize how just how many opportunities I have to provide food products to you! From steaks, lobsters, fresh fruit baskets, chocolates, popcorn, nuts, cookies, and candy, I can help you find a great edible promotion!

Drinkware – Drinkware choices are unlimited! From ceramic coffee mugs, travel mugs, stainless steel tumblers, water bottles, thermoses, party cups, beer steins and wine glasses, drinkware is a great way to share your brand. Those who own custom drinkware use it an average of 2-3 times per week. Drinkware makes a great trade show giveaway, a new customer gift, and a great thank you gift. Logoed water bottles are popular with sports teams, walk-a-thons, fundraisers and company outings.

Print – Print is everywhere! From business cards, letterhead and imprinted envelopes, calendars, notebooks, newsletters, signs and banners, I can provide a consistency on all of your print items that many cannot.

“Marketing is like building sand castles; you can’t do it once and expect it to last.” Unknown

My challenge to you this week:

Take a few moments to think about your clients. Have you taken the time to educate them about everything you offer?  If not, start today. Make a promise to yourself that you will create an informational page, and sit down and explain to them everything you offer. An educated client is going to give you more orders and perhaps refer to you friends and business partners.

Let’s work hard to make 2017 your best year yet.

Have a truly blessed week!

cindy cartoon 2Cindy

Did you know that I can provide all of the following?

Apparel & Hats                                                          Coolers

Automobile Accessories                                    Desktop & Office

Awards and Recognition                                 Drinkware & Mugs

Awareness Campaigns                                              Electronics

Backpacks & Tote Bags             Environmentally Friendly Products

Badges & Name Tags                                   Gift Baskets & Gifts

Bags & Accessories                                          Golf Accessories

Baseball Caps & Hats                                     Hardware & Tools

Beverage Holders                                            Health & Safety

Books & Covers                                           Holiday & Seasonal

Bracelets                                                 Key Chains & Holders

Business cards, print, newsletters                                 Lanyards

Business Supplies                                     Notebooks and Folios

Buttons & Accessories                       Pens & Writing Instruments

Calendars                                                             Pet Products

Candy & Chocolate                                           Signs & Displays

Clocks and Watches                                                  Umbrellas

Computer Accessories                                     and so much more!

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  1. Susan Sparks

    So cool about the pen! I’ve heard it said that a company pen passes between eight people on average. Never skimp on the quantity – hand them out everywhere.

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