Have You Created Your Vision Board? It’s Not Too Late!!

Can you believe that January is almost over?  If the beginning of your year has been anything like mine, you hit the ground running, and you haven’t looked back. This month has been a busy one. We watched as our country inaugurated a new president, we’ve watched women’s marches and protests, and as business owners, we’ve set goals and worked hard to obtain them. How are you doing on your goals?

If I am honest with you, I am already behind on my goals. I usually do a vision board during the first week of January. I still haven’t created one. I am going to try to do that this week. Do you have a vision board?  If so, what do you place on it?

“A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to better ourselves, a call to become something more.” Rosabeth Moss Kanter

You may be asking, “What is a vision board and why do I need one?”  I have participated in several classes on the importance of using vision boards to reach your goals. I have learned that a vision board is a collection of images and words attached to a board and placed in your office where you will see it every day. Some of the items on your boards may be personal goals, business goals, and family goals. It is a visualization of things you want in your life.


Gather Supplies

Before making your board, you will need to gather your supplies.  Supplies can include words you have created and printed on your computer, magazines for pictures, glue sticks, scissors and a poster board. As you cut out the information and decide on the layout, make sure that your 2017 goals clear and have an end date. It might be fun to plan “a girls night” to create your vision boards and talk about the importance of keeping each other on track during 2017.

Make your Goals Specific

What I personally think is that it is important to place professional and personal goals on your vision board. For most of us, all aspects our lives are intertwined. One year, I put a list of my goals in the center of the board and pictures of those goals all around it. As I met my goals, I highlighted them. It was so rewarding to check my goals off, one by one. It also encouraged me to keep striving to reach the next one. Remember that a goal without a date is simply a dream.

“Most people take the limits of their vision to be the limits of the world. A few do not.  Join them.” Arthur Schopenhauer


Place Your Goals Where You Will See Them Every Day

The biggest mistake made regarding goal setting is that after a couple of weeks is spent working on developing goals, they get placed in a drawer or a file and aren’t reviewed until the end of the year. For eleven months, they are forgotten, and therefore, usually go unmet. I think it is important to place your vision board in our office when you see it every day. I also keep a list of 2017 goals in my planner so there are viewed frequently.

Update your Board As It Becomes Necessary

I did attend one class where the instructor suggested placing your goals on your board with two-sided tape so that as they are met, they can be taken off and placed on a “2017 Met Goals” board. I haven’t done a board like this, but, I can see where it could keep you motivated. This kind of board will come in handy if you plan to place new goals on as old ones are met. Other suggestions were to simply place an “x” over them as they are met. How you do your board is completely up to you!  Be creative and have fun making it.

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision without action can change the world.” Joel A. Barker

My challenge to you this week is as follows:

If you haven’t placed your 2017 goals on a vision board, it’s not too late! Call some friends, gather your supplies and enjoy an evening sharing your dreams, your goals, the glue stick and a bottle of wine. Make a promise to support each other and decide on a time to call each other a couple of times a month to make sure everyone is staying on track. It has been said over and over again that it takes a village to raise a child. I honestly think that the most successful business owners have a ‘community’ supporting them, too!

Have a truly blessed week!




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