Make Your Golf Outing One to Remember

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Spring is in the air! We had our yard cut for the first time this season yesterday. The warmer temperatures provide the opportunity to spend more time outdoors enjoying our favorite activities and the sunshine on our faces. Spring is another reminder that it’s time to plan your annual golf outings. If you aren’t planning an outing this year, pass this information on to someone who will benefit from this information.

Planning a golf outing can be a daunting task.  What day and golf course should you choose? Should you donate some proceeds to a charity? Should there be a dinner afterward where you give away door prizes and awards for longest putt and best foursome? What should you charge? What kind of items should you place in the gift bag every golfer will receive?

Are you overwhelmed? Don’t be. I have designed a checklist that I share with my clients when I sit down to discuss their golf outing and the promotional products that will make their event stand out above the rest.  Do you want to be remembered as the favorite golf outing of the year? How can you choose promotional giveaways that will have your golfers returning to your event year after year?

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” Tom Fishburne

I have been fortunate to sit down with several clients and help them plan their golf outings. This week I am sharing the top ten promotional giveaways that should be inside of every swag bag.

Personalized Tees

Golf tees are available in 3 sizes and a myriad of colors.  We will imprint them with the name of your golf outing. They are available in wood and plastic and are available in bulk or tee packs of 5 or 10.

Golf Balls

Do you have a favorite golf ball? We offer a variety of brands, and your golf outing information can be printed directly on the golf ball. No one ever has enough golf balls, and the participants in your outing will love finding a sleeve of golf balls in their gift bag.

Lip Balm and Sunscreen

Choosing a lip balm with SPF and providing sunscreen will keep the participants in your outing from becoming sunburned. The art possibilities on the packaging are endless, and these items will be a reminder of your event every time they use them.

First Aid Kits

How many times have you gotten a blister on your hand playing golf and not had a Band-Aid or first aid ointment to help it heal? We offer a variety of first aid kits all customizable with your event logo.

Golf Towels

We offer golf towels in a variety of colors, materials, and prices. Providing a quality logoed golf towel in your gift bag is always a great idea. Most have a grommet and hook to attach to the golf bag and will be enjoyed for the entire season!

Golf Pencils

Golf Pencils add pennies to the cost of your outing but leave a lasting impression. (No pun intended) Who doesn’t need something to use to write their score down? They can be ordered by the gross, and if you leave the date off of your imprint, you can use them year after year.

Ditty Bag                                                    

Ditty bags provide golfers a convenient way to store their golf supplies. Most come with a carabiner or clip to attach to the golf bag and will last for years.

Ball Markers

Ball markers are a great way to have your golf out remembered. They come in a variety of options including poker chips, collectible metal versions, and magnetic ball markers that attach to a hat clip, a golf glove or belt clip.


Everyone loves golf apparel. You can choose from moisture-wicking polos, golf hats, wind shirts or jackets. Imagine how many times your logo will be seen as your golfers wear their apparel throughout the year!

Divot Repair Tool

Divot repair tools come in all shapes, sizes, and materials.  They start at under $1 and go up in price depending on the model you choose. One popular type of divot repair tool is the Pitch-Fix. It is manufactured by a company in Indianapolis and also comes with a magnetic ball marker. Golfers love receiving a Pitch-Fix in their swag bags!

“In golf as in life, it is the follow-through that makes the difference!” Anonymous

The possibilities are endless! I offer hundreds of items so year after year, the products in your swag bag can vary.  I suggest that you budget money in the outing price or find a “swag bag sponsor” to cover the cost. Placing these items in a drawstring backpack or golf shoe bag is a great way to present each golfer with a gift of thanks for participating in your event. Call me today to set up a time to discuss your golf outing giveaways!

Happy Golfing!


I own a promotional products business where I offer over 1 million different products to meet your promotional needs.  I also have a complete wedding line including “save the dates,” invitations, napkins, imprinted stemware, and attendants gifts.  I’d love to schedule an appointment with you to see how I can help you with your promotional needs!


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