What Would You Do With A FREE 24 Hours?

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If you had 24 hours of free time, how would you use it? I know this seems like a fantasy to some, but let’s pretend for a moment that you were granted 24 hours to use as you wish. What would you do?

There are times that I feel like my life is a merry-go-round and that my ticket to ride is unending. Despite my wish to step off and take a break, the ride keeps going and going. I am constantly pulled in several directions without time to stop and reflect. I think many feel the same way. We are scheduled from morning until night with work and family obligations, community activities and household responsibilities. Let’s add time at a gym, the grocery store, doing laundry and cleaning the house. Spring is here (despite the 10 inches of snow we received this weekend in Indianapolis), and soon we will be working in our yards and gardens. The 24 hours that we are given every day are quickly used with little time to spend on ourselves.

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” Colin Powell

So, let’s pretend a little today. You have been given 24 hours. Your house is clean, dishes are washed and put away, the laundry is done, meals are cooked, and your children’s activities are taken care of. All you have to do is decide what you are going to do with yourself for the next 24 hours. What would you do?

The thought can be overwhelming. Would you find a beach and lay in the sun and relax? Would you find a blanket and your favorite chair and sit and read a book? Would you visit a relative you haven’t seen for a while? Would you volunteer at your favorite charity? Would you go to the movies? Would you spend time with your friends? Work on a hobby? Take a nap? Visit a spa and indulge in a facial, manicure, pedicure and a massage?

Instead of pretending, let’s make this a reality. We may not be able to carve out 24 hours, so let’s start with two. What if we organized our schedules and blocked two hours a week to spend on ourselves? If we were able to add one additional hour per week every month, which doesn’t seem like a lot, at the end of a year, we could possibly have 14 hours of “ME time”. If we continued the following year, we would have over 24 hours. It’s all about time management and making ourselves a priority.

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in the world.” Lucille Ball

My challenge to you this week is the following:

Look at your weekly schedule and find two hours of wasted time – i.e., watching television, playing on Facebook, Pinterest, snapchat, etc. We all waste time in ways we don’t even realize. Block those two hours for yourself. Schedule that time to do something you want to do – manicure, massage, taking a Zumba class, a lunch with a friend, really, anything you want. Make it a point to enjoy every second of those two hours. Next month, find an addition hour. You are up to three hours of personal time. Imagine what you can do during those three hours. I think it’s all about making yourself a priority. We lose ourselves when we get married, have children, and have a career. It took me a couple of years after my sons went off to college to become “Cindy” and not “Matthew and Joshua’s mom.”

Enjoy your two hours this week. Take a deep breath and enjoy every second. You are worth it.

Have a great week!


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