What’s On Your Business Card?


Several weeks ago, I attended a business meeting and met a woman who was passionate about her business. We only had a few moments to chat and I suggested that we set up a time to meet over a cup of coffee and learn more about her business and how we may be able to collaborate on a few projects. She explained that she had run out of her office that morning without her calendar and that she would call me to schedule a time to meet. I asked her for a business card and she stated that she did not believe in business cards. She went on to explain that they were a waste of money, were usually tossed into a box in an office and that no one chooses to do business with someone based on a business card. I handed her my card and reminded her how interested I was in setting up a time to meet. It’s been several weeks and I haven’t heard from her. I have no idea how to get a hold of her. It is a lost connection on what could have been a great business partnership. This week I am going to write about why every business person should have a business card.

“Without customers, you don’t have a business.  You have a hobby.”  Don Peppers and Martha Rogers

I believe that creating a good business card is absolutely necessary for every business. It is an extension of your brand and a tool for giving out your information to prospective clients.

What information should you include on your business card?

Your Logo and Tagline

Your business card should convey your business identity by using your company logo, tagline, and the color scheme you have developed for your company. In fact, all of your business communication should have consistent messaging and should be instantly recognizable including your business cards, social media, website, brochures, name tags, your newsletter and the signage on your office door.

Your Name and Job Title

A business card is meant to introduce you to people who may be interested in what you do. Make sure your name is bolded on the card. As a small business owner, you may have many functions in your company. Create a fun title such as “Chief Creative Genius” or describe your main function in your business.

Contact Information

I believe this goes without saying, but the contact information is the most important information you can place on a business card. You should include several ways to contact you directly including a phone number and email address. Your company address can be listed if you have a physical location where your customers can stop by to do business. If you work out of your home, listing your address may lead to potential clients stopping by.


I used to believe that photographs on business cards were strictly for realtors, but in the 7 years that I’ve been in business, I have changed my mind. I often remember a face before I remember a name, so placing an up-to-date photo on your card can give you an edge.

Products or Services

Your card should not be cluttered with lists of all of your services, but if you create a few bullet points for your main product lines, your card will be more useful.


Listing your website on your business card gives the opportunity to your clients to learn more about your business. As a promotional products distributor, I offer over a million different products on my website and being about to access that information can help the client learn more about my company and how I can help them.

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” Michael LeBoeuf

My challenge for you this week is the following:

Do you have a business card? When was the last time you updated your card? Is your messaging the same on all of your business documents and social media outlets? Is your business card printed on quality card stock or did your company search for the best deal and print 1000 cards for $4.99?

It is important to remember that your business card should reflect the quality of your company. If your card is among 4 like-minded businesses, don’t you want the quality and creativity of your card to stand out above the others?

Have a great week!



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