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Linda S. Fitzgerald

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A Women's Place Network, Inc.

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A Women’s Place Network, Inc. does business as Affiliated Women International. AWI is a multi-faceted online and face to face organization for women in business world wide. Most specifically women who own, manage or are at least an equal partner in a micro-business with 4 or less employees; and women solo-entrepreneurs. And we cater to the needs of women for whom their Christian faith is as important to their business life as to their personal one.


Online, we offer a robust and dynamic community, “NEIGHBORHOOD BOUTIQUES”. It’s more than just social networking. Members may choose to have a “boutique website” of 3 or more pages including a micro-blog. And an e-commerce Boutique is available for those who choose that package.


Think of AWI Neighborhood Boutiques like you would Facebook, but with less restrictions and constraints. Think of it less crowded, open to all it’s members regardless of location, business, culture or traditions. It’s the ultimate social network community because all members can connect, engage and interact with each other. The focus is personal-business and spiritual.


AWI Neighborhood Boutiques rests on 4 important life pillars: Inspiration, Education, Information and Motivation.


Face to face is COFFEE in the NEIGHBORHOOD. A unique approach to networking that focuses on us as women first, our businesses second and designed with women of the Christian faith in mind. We are growing across the country in major metropolitan areas. Ask us how you can be part of an existing COFFEE group or start one in your area.


Affiliated Women International adds incredible value and richness to the lives of women in business wherever they reside on the planet. And we make membership in the world’s fastest growing women’s network affordable for every woman seeking to enlarge her personal and professional world.

Linda S. Fitzgerald

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