Developing “Son”-Ripened Fruit…What’s LOVE Got to Do with It?”

Today I’m continuing my series on the fruit of the Spirit…growing spiritually and producing true Christian character.  For the WELL Woman – that’s the Woman of Excellence who loves God with her whole heart and desires to walk in the Holy Spirit daily, this is not a “chore” but something that is to be a JOY!Love-fruit-TW

As I was contemplating on which of the Spiritual Fruit to talk about this week, I was thinking about the trip I’m taking…and by the time you read this post I’ll be on the road from central Indiana to southern Virginia to spend a few days with my daughter, grandchildren and 2 month old great-grandson!  It’s been two long years since I’ve seen them…and the very first time I’ll be able to hold precious little Brayden James!  It’s been extremely challenging for me not to hop on an airplane and fly out there since he was born but have been relegated to seeing pics posted on Facebook and an occasionally video…but it’s just NOT the same as being there.  If you’ve experienced grandparenthood then you know what I  mean!

The love of God is a lot like that.  You must experience it!  Once you’ve experienced it, then you have to embrace it!  Then you will embark on a spiritual journey with the Lord…for all eternity!   What an exciting way to live!  And it’s ALL about LOVE!!!!

Most likely the most quoted and memorized Scripture verse ever is, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that he believes on Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16    As a parent myself, that’s always been something incredibly tough to understand.  But that’s who God IS!   God IS love!!!

How do we, as human beings with all of our faults and frailties even begin to love like how God loves?  I would answer that by saying…that’s why it’s a Spiritual FRUIT!  In fact, it’s the very first one listed…probably because it’s the most important one to learn.  I discovered what I would consider one of the best explanations of this concept from a friend who happens to be Assistant Pastor of Harvest Bible Church in Cash, Texas.  His name is John Hennen and he recently shared this on one of his Facebook posts.  I saved it for this day, knowing I would at some point be talking about LOVE.

“The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness (Galatians 5:22-23).  The fruit of the Holy Spirit is first and foremost love.  All of the other qualities associated with  having Holy Spirit flow from the presence of God’s love in you.

fruit of the spirit*  Joy is love enjoying all of the goodness of God…

*  Peace is love resting on the promises of God…

*  Patience is love waiting for God to reveal to you and in you what He desires to reveal…

*  Kindness is love reacting to those around you…

*  Goodness is love choosing to do what is right in God’s eyes…”

And John goes on to say, “Just as unconditional love shines brightest in the midst of our differences, so the fruit of the Spirit demonstrates its divine Source when circumstances and relationships take a turn for the worse.  The reason is, the fruit of the Spirit is just that: fruit produced by the Spirit.  It is not fragile.  It is not subject to change.  Its root is deeply embedded in the person of Christ.  When we abide in Him and allow Him to live His life through us, the result is character that endures the challenges of life.  AMEN!”

I can’t thank John enough for that powerful explanation of how LOVE is incorporated into EACH of the fruit of the Spirit.  And that’s what LOVE has to do with it.   Unlike the words to the song by the same name, it’s definitely NOT a “secondhand emotion”.  It’s what makes the world keep spinning.  It’s what wakes up a mother at 5:00 a.m. in the morning to prepare breakfast for her family, get her husband and kids off to school and then most likely she’ll head to her “other” job…work all day…come home, prepare dinner, love on her family, fall in bed exhausted…and get up tomorrow and repeat!

Next week I may decide to continue on the subject of LOVE and how it can be nourished and grown in the life of the WELL Woman…as there is much more to share!  In the meantime, know this…God loves you and this Well Woman does too!



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