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Oh, how this is my favorite season of the year.  It has little to do (notice I said little) with the hustle and bustle.  For me the focus is on Advent, for it is imageAdvent, the “Season of Wonder” that fills me deep in my soul.  Let me share with you my journey to discovering the “Season of Wonder”.




The change from the Christmas Season to the “Season of Wonder” began rather abruptly the year I filed for divorce.  It happened in November, and for me, a Christian woman who did not believe in divorce, to face the “knowing” God was leading me into this new life, all I could do was “wonder.”  Wonder why me, why this, why now, other than I knew it meant my survival.




Christmas was always magical and I enjoyed it to the fullest, but that year I knew there had to be more.  I chose to focus on Advent which in Latin is a version of the word meaning “coming.”  It is a time of expectant waiting and preparation.  I could relate to that.  So instead of a Christmas tree, I decorated an Advent tree with purple and pink ribbons and white angels, that I sat in front of any quiet moment I had and simply “wondered.”




That experience was the beginning of where I find myself today as I am again enjoying this current “Season of Wonder.”  When I awoke this morning I saw an e-mail from a dear friend who is spending Christmas with her daughter and family, who are missionaries, in Egypt.  Her words capturing the scene outside her window as she awoke brought me to wonder.   She writes:


image“As I awaken, I hear the sounds I imagine Mary and Joseph heard as they prepared the birthing place for Jesus in the stable. My bedroom balcony view is into a stable for goats (3 stories up!) and also a bird coop of doves and pigeons and parakeets. I hear donkeys braying and goats and sheep baaing and horses neighing and chickens and roosters clucking and cock-a-doodle-doing. There is also the sound of loud voices in the sandy pathways hawking their wares and just conversing. I think of the busy streets in Bethlehem as many people were there for the censes, and the many animals in the stable and wondering down the pathways. Camels are also among the roadways, but not in the village.”


Her words took me back to that time so long ago when a young woman and her loving husband had journeyed so long to reach their destination.  I am sure they wondered and couldn’t make sense out of what was happening.  They simply trusted the messages of God.  In just a flash, all the mixed feelings, and stable smells filled my senses.




In one short moment, I was reminded once again the purpose of the “Season of Wonder.”  Advent is the time for preparation of Christmas and takes on imagemany faces today.  But the Advent I know, the “Season of Wonder,” calls us to “Prepare a Room for Him”.  That room may be a much needed physical space to pause and wonder, but more importantly it is our “Heart Room” in which our Papa God is truly interested.




Have you prepared an “room” during this “Season of Wonder”?





Leanne the Urban Hermit




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