Assurance – Wisdom Words for Hump Day



Is there anyone that would not like some “assurance”, some certainty especially security, safety in today’s world.  My heart remains heavy as I writeimagetoday’s blog.  As I was celebrating my 70 years of living, reflecting on my own life journey, sharing memories, and enjoying the friends and family who gathered with me, life outside my little world was happening.  I had spent the weekend with my sister and thousands of women praising God.  I was in a cocoon environment feeling safe, loved, and assured.  However I was feeling and whatever I was experiencing, life outside my little world was happening.


In the past four weeks major life events have touched my heart.  First was the shooting death of a church member by his own nephew.  Second was the death of my dear friends.  Third was a shooting that took the life of an innocent bystander, who was the mother of five, visiting our city.


Sunday, as I sat in church praising God for having sent us a new pastor, with a compassion and a vision for not only our church but our neighborhood I imagegot a new understanding for the word “assurance” as it pertains to the issue of security and safety.


I must admit that at times I like living in my cocoon, staying in the feeling of “safety” assured that all is well in my little world.  But as in other times of my life when God has shown it’s time to move to another lily pad on my life journey; it is once again time to move forward.


Safety and security here in this world are misnomers.  We can, do, and should attempt to create spaces that feel safe and secure.  Our homes are where we start, but it is only the start.  What do we do in our neighborhoods?  Many people choose to leave when they don’t “feel safe”.  But is that the answer?


There is only one place in which there is true “assurance” and that is when we place ourselves in the hands of our Papa God.  This life is not fair.  This imagelife is not easy.  But we are part of this world.  Cocoons may feel safe, but God did not create us to live in cocoons.  When we focus on Him and His promises then we can do what Psalm 4:8 says, “I will lie down and sleep, for You alone, Lord, keep me safe.” We don’t need to be in a cocoon to experience that.


Our challenge is to place our “assurance” on God alone.  That is where our confidence and security originates.  That is what allows me to recognize the heavy heart I carry and lighten the burden.  That allows us to move forward to the next lily pad and do the next thing God is calling us to do to make this world a little safer.  In that process of His love, we are able to love and create an environment of safe “assurance.”




Leanne Urban Hermit



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  1. Linda S. Fitzgerald

    Beautiful, excellent post Leanne. Thank you for reminding me that there is only one true place of absolute safety and assurance. It is to Him I run and hide in the folds of His mighty garment. For there I am safe and assured!



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