Emptiness – Wisdom Words for Wednesday



Today’s blog almost did not get written.  The usual pattern is that by Thursday or Friday, God has provided the word for the following week so I have time to pray and reflect.  However, this was not the case this week.  Nothing, absolutely nothing came to surface.  Oh yes, “I” thought of different words but imagenothing was coming with prayer and reflection.  After going through my frustration periods and deciding last night as I retired that the world would not end if I didn’t post a blog, I finally slept.  About 4:00 am I awoke with the word “empty” on my heart.  So here I am to share my experience this week with feeling empty.



When I pondered the word, many images come into play, i.e. an empty gas tank, an empty nest, a vacant park bench, and an empty cup, just to name a few.  At that point I paused to reflect on all of those images which then reminded me not to fight the empty feeling but to respect it.  It appears my patterns as I am sure with others, is to initially look at any feeling which we deem negative as bad.  We want to only experience the happiness, joy, and giftedness that life has to offer.  However, is that realistic? My answer would be no.




Our Papa God created us, and that means with all the human emotions we experience.  All varieties of emotions should ultimately bring us back to our source of support, our life sustainer, Jesus.  There are times like this even when I am doing prayer and quiet (I’m not perfect) that life filters in and I am unaware.  That happened this week, when an incident that took place and as much as I tried to deny it bothered me, guess what, it did! This all became evident as I reflected and respected my space of “emptiness.”




My experience this week has once again reminded me how easy it is to lose focus.  Emptiness is a part of our human experience and may be prompted by events, and changes we experience in life.  The challenge is to be aware, and the caution is to watch how the empty spaces are being filled.



I unknowingly forgot to breathe in the Word of God.  Read it yes, but didn’t breathe it.  This morning, I am breathing and filling my experience of emptiness with the Word of God.  I invite you to pause and do the same.




Leanne the Urban Hermit




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