Faithful – Wisdom Words for Hump Day



“To be faithful in every circumstance means that we have only one loyalty, or object of our faith – The Lord Jesus Christ.”

Oswald Chambers


During this weeks time of reflection the above quote from Oswald Chambers was brought to me.  As I reflected on this quote and my own journey over imagethe past few weeks the word faithful surfaced.  The word begged questions.   What does it mean to be faithful or faith-filled every day in all the ups and downs that life affords?  How does one walk in faithfulness?


I can only share these answers based on my own life experience, because in reality personal experiences of our own or those of our loved ones is what shapes the answers to questions.  As always then I will share my journey and insights and trust it will touch your heart as well.


When life gets hard, whether through sickness, death, unexpected situations, or life circumstances I become reflective, focused, and for a period of time withdrawn from the world around me.  I spend more time in quite (that does not mean I sit and do nothing, although at times it feels that way even to me).  By quiet I mean to tune out miscellaneous distractions.  Faith questions often flood my mind as I try earnestly to make sense out of what to me appears senseless.


imageAs I walk through my day, I focus only on that which is in front of me because to go anywhere else in my mind causes overwhelm and confusion.  It is important for me to remember that each step I take is part of the miles I must walk on my journey.  Although I have a direction in which to walk the destination or outcomes is in the hands of Papa God.  So staying focused on the small things is what provides the awareness of the next step.  This may feel like trudging through mud, but it is still movement.  Staying faithful to Papa God’s promises provides the strength to continue walking.


During this part of the journey I may not be feeling successful.  However, as Mother Teresa says “We are not called to be successful; we are called to be faithful.”  This is another of the many paradoxes life offers.  When I focus on being successful, it appears I am not because I fall short too many time in the day when it comes to doing what I “should” do.  However, when I focus on being faithful to what Papa God places in front of me each day; I am ultimately successful.


I know my dear friend Charles struggled with a dream that never appeared to him or to anyone that he fulfilled.  For Charles had the heart of a musicianimage and desired his songs to be published for a wider audience than his family, friends, and our church family.  That did not happen, but Charles was successful!  For Charles music wasn’t intended for fame or notoriety, but it was “soul” music that spoke of Papa God’s tremendous love for us, and it touched my heart and the heart of many others in deepening the relationship with Papa God.  Charles was faithful in the gift he was given and his life was successful!


So my challenge to me and you is to stay “faithful” to the dream, gift, goals, that are present, because there in lies the success that Papa God has for each of us on this journey through life.



Leanne the Urban Hermit



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