Foundation – Wisdom Words for Hump Day



Last Sunday I was privileged to celebrate with my church community our 123rd Anniversary!  It has 123 years of glory, pain, celebration, transition, death, and rebirth. In other words our church has a long life history.  The theme for the event was “A Firm imageFoundation.”  As part of the service there was a drama preformed and the final words prior to the church members coming forward to physically build a mock structure on the staged foundation were:


“We are clearing out the weathered and refurbishing our Mission!  We have survived, we are growing, and we put our hope in the Holy Word of God!  We are secure!  We have a vision and we are rebuilding because we know — “God is not finished with us!”  We are strong and moving forward “Standing on the Promises of God!”


As I was writing this drama there were many images that came to mind while reflecting on the history of the church and the correlation to life – both the church’s life and our individual life journeys.


imageWhat was most evident to me was the importance of a solid foundation.  Our church has survived through all of the ups and downs due to their strong foundation on the “Word of God”.   I have survived through all the ups and downs of my life because of my personal encounter with Jesus at my tea party when I was five.  Where did your foundation begin?  What are your beliefs?  Who grounds you?


These are all questions I asked myself as I contemplated my early life and where I am now.  What I realized is that my foundation is solid.  The bricks of my life however have cracks.  Just as the bricks of a building will develop cracks over time due to outside influences, so have my life bricks.  When that happens to a building a mason is called in to repair them.  So it is with me and you.  But our mason is a master crafter we can depend on Him to always do quality work.  When the cracks are filled I am ready to move forward. Once again I am standing on a firm foundation able to balance all of life’s challenges.image


Our church community has struggled.  I have struggled.  Struggles are part of living life here on this plain.  It is our faith in our creator, redeemer, Jesus; Papa God that is the foundation we need to meet whatever faces us today!    It is with our strong foundation in Him that we are truly set free to be who He calls us to be!


Who is Papa God calling you to be and what does he wish for you to do today?



Leanne the Urban Hermit




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