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Hello Everyone!
Thank you for talking a look at my site. My name is Leanne AKA Urban Hermit. As of January 2015 I am actively pursuing a life calling. I am living proof that God never gives up when he has a plan and he patiently prods and waits for us to climb on board. My life has taken many turns which at first appearances may seem to make no sense, but all of it was bringing me to where I am today.

My faith journey began at the age of five when Jesus joined me at a Tea Party. That was my foundation for faith, which was nurtured by my Mother who demonstrated daily her strong faith in God. I always had a questioning and an adventuresome spirit which is a gift. However as with any gift there is another side and it was necessary for my gift to be harnessed and focused.

I have known since the age of five “Whose I am,” but the journey discovering “Who I am” has been more challenging. Today, thanks to my faith journey,Michael and I 08-01-2014 I have a greater awareness of that. Thus the title Urban Hermit!

I am a devoted disciple of Jesus, who is blessed to be a minister and married to my soul mate Michael, for 25 years, who is also a minister. I have had the honor of walking with many women on their spiritual journeys as God has called me. Today, he is calling me to step out and reach more women.

I am looking forward to connecting with you individually and/or in groups as we share our faith journeys and grow closer to God.

Urban Hermit

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