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Good Morning everyone! This is my first blog on this site for 2016 and I know how it goes in January.  The excitement about beginning a New Year, New Year resolutions, vision boards, yearly goal setting etc.  All of which is good!   However, now that we are entering the four to six week period, faced with the cold and some of us snow, all of our excitement may begin to wane.  Therefore, my word for this Wednesday is “schedule.




There is one important thing I always need to keep in the forefront of my imagemind and that is, “Life is unpredictable!  Life happens!”  At times it is like a slap in the face.  An accident and a loved one dies, you walk into the office and are handed a pink slip.  So many things are out of our control.  Then there are those things we have avoided or put off and they come along and bite us in the butt!  No matter how it happens, it is all about living life.  Life is unpredictable and cannot be “scheduled.”




So let’s pause a moment on our focus.  We as entrepreneurs hear a lot about setting priorities in our “to do” lists.  That’s important but I want to imagefocus here on our “Life Priorities.”  A long time ago “in a far off” (oops Star War’s looming its head), I learned, because of my addiction that if I wanted a life of sobriety (not just a “dry” life) there was one priority that trumped everything else.  That priority was my relationship with Papa God!




I remember at one point asking my sponsor how to be a better Mother to my daughters.  Her reply was, “Get well yourself.”  It took me many years to realize that even with that as my life priority that most of the time I was trying to work God into my “busy” schedule.   I would get up and say my prayers, repeat the affirmations people suggested etc, and it did work for awhile.  Just as saying how important it was to exercise, eat right, meet with family/friends and the million other things on my “to do” list.




However after many years of trying to do it all, I came to learn the differenceimage between “scheduling” and my daily “to do” list.  Scheduling is what I do when I have appointments to keep.  To Do Lists are tasks that need to be accomplished. It was interesting to watch my life change when Papa God was scheduled daily—not around the rest of my schedule or as a task to be accomplished but an appointment to be kept.  Just like a doctor’s appointment only more important than that and daily, weekly, monthly.  Daily—in prayer, weekly Sunday—day of rest/reflection, and monthly—a day devoted to nothing but Papa God.




Do I do this perfectly? No.  But it is my scheduled “Life Priority.”  For I find when I do this, when I “schedule” Papa God as a priority in life, when I spend the time to be in His presence than, I get more done.  Yes, I still get a slap in the face and a kick in the butt occasionally, but my focus remains.  It is a wonderful reminder I am alive and living this wonderful life God has given me and there is still time for me to grow, learn, love, and make a difference.


So my question and challenge today is “Where is Papa God in your schedu




Leanne The Urban Hermit




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